AMU inaugurates International Conference on ‘Sustainable Solutions in Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment’

Aligarh Media Desk, Aligarh: “We have to look at the spiritual part of science before searching for sustainable solutions for waste water treatments,” said the Water Man of India, Dr Rajendra Singh while speaking at the two-day International Conference on ‘Sustainable Solutions in Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment’ organised by the Department of Civil Engineering, Aligarh Muslim Muslim University (AMU) in collaboration with the University of Toledo, USA at the University Polytechnic Auditorium.

Speaking at the inaugural function, Dr Rajendra discussed that he learnt the techniques of water conservation in the rural areas. “The villagers introduced me to ancient techniques of holding runoff water from monsoon rains and to percolate water into the ground for improving the water table,” he said adding that we need to find effective techniques of separating rain water from the dirty water to use it for industrial purposes.

“We also need to reduce the excessive use of water and make sure that enough water is available for agriculture,” said Dr Rajendra.  Farmers and ranchers depend on clean water moving through the water cycle for their livelihoods, while we all need clean drinking water and a healthy food supply to survive, he pointed out.

Speaking on the importance of ‘Sustainable Solutions in Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment’, Mr Masood Husain (Chairman, Central Water Commission, New Delhi) emphasised that increasingly stringent environmental standards are governing wastewater discharge and we need a wealth of experience and technology to develop treatment solutions that will maximize the reuse potential of water streams, and minimize discharge costs.

Presiding over the function, AMU Vice Chancellor, Professor Tariq Mansoor said that the theme of the conference is very apt as global warming and pollution is becoming the biggest threat and it is imperative to find solutions for the increasing and already worsened state of situation.

The Vice Chancellor further said that India needs a Dr Rajendra Singh is every corner of the country and the most updated technologies and innovations to conserve water.

Speaking on population control for water preservation, the Vice Chancellor said, “As population pressures in a place increase, the demand for water resources rises and one of the biggest challenges is how to meet this demand given scarce water resources.”

“Let us work together to harvest and store rainwater for reuse on-site, rather than allowing it to run off. Rainwater can be collected and used for gardens, livestock, and irrigation and even for groundwater recharge,” he said.

Prof Badrul Hasan Khan (Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Technology) said that this conference is the fourth such event in the calendar year and the faculty of engineering and technology has been doing useful seminars, workshops and other academic programmes. He pointed out that since water is the life source of every, we need to preserve it by providing safe, efficient, and sustainable water and wastewater treatment systems and services.

Introducting the theme of the conference, Prof M M Sufyan Beg (Principal, Zakir Husain College of Engineering and Technology) said that using clean water to flush toilets and watering lawns is wasteful and irresponsible, especially in light of population growth and water shortages across the country.

AMU alumnus, Prof Ashok Kumar (University of Toledo, USA) said that the development of new technologies to recycle and reuse waste water has become one of the most important challenges in today’s world. This conference will provide a platform for researchers and scientists to discuss sustainable technologies for environment protection, he said.

Prof Anwar Hashsham (Michigan State University, USA) who is also an AMU alumnus reminisced his students days in AMU, while speaking on the theme of the conference.

Prof M Muzzammil (Chairman, Department of Civil Engineering) delivered the welcome address, Prof Izharul Haq Farooqi (Organising Secretary) made the introductory remarks and Prof Arshad Husain conducted the programme.

Prof Anwar Khursheed (Convener) proposed the vote of thanks.

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