AMU Alumni Association- Free Medical Camp at Imara Medical Centre Qatar/Aligarh: The AMU Alumni Association Qatar (AMUAAQ) alumni of Aligarh Muslim University in Qatar conducted its 01st  free medical camp in association with IMARA Medical Centre Qatar at Imara Medical Centre, opposite Grand Mall, in Asian Town on Friday/19th April 2019. The expatriates including family, kids, executives and workers were offered free general consultation and other consultations in General Physician, Family Medicine, gynaecology, paediatric, cardiology, Radiology, ophthalmology, dental check-up, dietetic, blood pressure, blood sugar, BMI, cupping therapy (Hijama) and physiotherapy by the team of dedicated doctors and medical field professiniols.The camp also created awareness about organ donation among the participants by HMC team.This free medical camp benefitted nearly 250 expatriate.There were also awareness briefing by experts on various topics.

According to AMU Alumni Association  President Jawed Ahmad, Qatar’s elite state medical institutions like Sidra Medicine, Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) , Imara Medical Centre and prominent private centres offered their services at the medical camp including with AMU Alumni Doctors from mentioned organisations. Indian Ambassador to Qatar HE P Kumuran (Chief guest of the event) inaugurated  the AMU Alumni Association Free Medical Camp in the presence of First Secretary at the Indian Embassy Mr. SRH Fahmi (Guest of Honour), Mr. MS Bukhari (Guest of Honour) – Industrialist & Chief Patron-AMUAAQ,  Mr. Abdul Hakkim-CEO & Team Imara Medical Centre, Mr. Obaid  Tahir – Qatar Urdu Radio, Local media representatives, ICBF President P N Baburajan & JS-Mr. Subramani , ISC General Secretory – Mr. Habibun Nabi Zama, AMU Alumni President – Mr. Jawed Ahmad & Alumni MC/Advisory/Doctors team/members.

The Ambassador visited each section and met with Doctors and team and asked about any major findings and also met with patients. HE P. Kumaran  highly impressed with this unique and multi specialized Free Medical Camp and highlighted the importance and benefit to the community. He appreciated the efforts of AMU Alumni Association Qatar and all those who are supporting it. He also witnessed  the cupping therapy (Hijama) and considered it to be very unique & distinctive. Wet cupping (Hijama) requires a skin incision. The skin incision can be made either before or after cupping treatment. The cup is meant to suck out any impurities in the body which may include blood, toxins, fragmented blood cells, and tissue fluid.The first reported usages are found in the Islamic hadith, sayings attributed to or describing the actions of the Islamic prophet Muhammad

This Free Medical camp was led by Jawed Ahmad -AMU Alumni Association Qatar President ,Advisors – Mr. Qamar Alam, Dr. Syed Jaffery, Dr. Nadeem Zafar Jilani, Executive member – Mr. Danish Ali Khan, Mr. Abdul Karim, Mr. Farman Khan & Mr. Javed Sultan. The camp was effectively coordinated by Mr. Mosheer Alam and Dr. Ashna Nusrat and supported by Hamad Medical Corporation, Imara Medical Centre while  Mr. Irfan, Mr. Imtiyaz and Mr. & Mrs. Sanjeev effectively handled the logistics & Registration part. Senior most Alig Mr. Sibtain, Mr. Amanuddin Ashraf and  Dr. Atif Iqbal also attended and benefitted from the services. Patients were also given discount coupon for eye glass and gifts from HMC Organ donors awareness team. Mr. Ahmad praised & appreciated to  Mr. Mosheer Alam for executing the work with team successfully. Mr. Ahmad also stated that “We will organise similar medical camps in future also.

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