Jamia Urdu has implemented its curriculum on NCERT Books: Dr Zubair Shadab

Aligarh Media.Com Desk Aligarh: A meeting of the Committee on Development of Urdu Language & Jobs in India (CDUL JI) constituted by NCMEI,  Government of India and functioning under Ministry of HRD  has been held on its camp office at Jamia Urdu Aligarh today wherein important decisions have been taken .

In this connection Member Secretary of the CDULJI Dr. Jasim Mohammad told that National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions (NCEMI), Government of India had constituted Committee on Development of Urdu language & Jobs in India with specific aim to survey and analyze the real status of Urdu language  on ground level and linking it with jobs. He added that the Committee has held its meeting today to take up evaluation of status of Urdu wherein analysis has been made in respective fields.Dr Jasim Mohammad said that the Committee will also submit a report to Government of India on Status of Urdu Medium curriculum in Madasas and Schools.

Chairman of Committee Prof Razaullah Khan said that as the government of India has entrusted Committee very important work of analyzing and reporting status of Urdu language, it must visit various states and prepare ground level report.Convenor of the Committee Dr Shabistan Gaffar  said that ground level status of Urdu language in country particularly in many such states where large number of Urdu speaking people reside like Uttar Pradesh is not satisfactory. He added that UP government has granted Urdu status of second language but that has not been implemented truly.

Committee Member Prof. SN Tiwari  said that the Committee and the Jamia Urdu Aligarh both are making every possible effort to link Urdu language with jobs but Uttar Pradesh  government should also play their vital role in it .Committee Member Farhat Ali Khan  said that Linguistic Minorities Commission, Govt. of India had recommended that the considering the well documented service to Urdu language, Jamia Urdu Aligarh should be granted status of Deemed university  but unfortunately that has not been granted yet. He demanded that the Jamia Urdu Aligarh should be granted status of Deemed University in national interest.

Member of the Committee & Dy Director of AMU Urdu Academy Dr Zubair Shadab  said that the Jamia Urdu Aligarh  courses should be granted equivalency with state boards because the Jamia Urdu Aligarh because Jamia Urdu  curriculum in based on NCERT. He said Jamia Urdu is rendering important contribution of linking Urdu language with the jobs and employment .In the end of meeting the Committee unanimously passed resolution demanding that the Jamia Urdu Aligarh be granted status of Deemed University and the Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Delhi NCT government must impalement second language status on ground level.Special Invitee Shamoon Raza Naqvi, Fahad Ali Khan, Dr Aftab Alam Najmi, Dr Daulat Sharma  were present in the meeting .

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