Sarika Bahroliya’sglam to de-glam journey for &TV’s Gudiya Hamari Sabhi Pe Bhari

AligarhMedia.Com, Desk, Aligarh:Television is perceived to be a world full of glitz and glamour but, there also exists a vast space on the other side of the spectrum which is yet being explored by everybody in the industry. While everyone wears the character hat to the fullest, newbie Sarika Bahroliya, &TV’s fresh face for Gudiya Hamari Sabhi Pe Bhari, in all boldness is striving to infuse as much authenticity she can bring when it comes to Gudiya’s vibe. For the character, she adorns a homespun and prosaic avatar, and dived right into the other side, exploring possibilities in all forms.

When asked to talk about her glam to de-glam tips and tricks, the fresh talent Sarika shared, “The way I appear to be in real life is hugely contrasting to the way I’m portrayed in the show. My near and dear one’s are unable to recognize me on their own after I get into Gudiya’s character. But, I’m glad I got to be the part of a show where I’m getting to experiment and explore so much, it’s been full of learning and satisfaction. I always have a constant urge to stand out, and all the mainstream actors are such good-looking people, that I knew I had to be different to stand out. I would do anything that my character demands of and I just hope, the audience like the real me as much as I hope them to love Gudiya and be equally curious of both.”

She further adds, “Going de-glam for Gudiya is something that interested me a lot as starting my career in a stereotypical way was not something I’d have wanted. I did a lot of research and spoke to the makers of Gudiya for over few months to wrap my head around the concept and execution of a character like that. With the show going on-air last week, our plain Jane Gudiya is already wooing the audience in her bedhadakandaaz. The show also stars Sarrtaj Gill as Muddu, SamtaSargar as Sarla and Ravi Mahashabde as Radhe amongst others.

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